HT Lacrosse Toplace-10 Yard coils
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 Our premium 3mm lacrosse Topstring is constructed by us, in our shop, of 100%High Tenacity nylon inside and out for exceptional durability and consistency. We do not purchase our string from a large manufacturer, label it Stringer’s Shack and sell it to you. We designed and built our Topstring from the ground up to provide a string built for the game of lacrosse. Our Topstring contains 100% High Tenacity nylon fillers, no cotton or unknown fillers are used. Our string is built to be low stretch and high strength, allowing you to string a tighter, stronger top string in your mesh pockets. Also used as a round shooter lace, providing a consistent release.

  • Item #: 30-HTP-10

HT Lacrosse Toplace-10 Yard coils

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